Challenging what soda can be

Soda or pop can be a lot of things. It can be mass produced with corn syrup, it can be made small with real cane sugar and have “natural flavors,” and it can also mirror the 1950s and 60s style soda fountains. soda pop can be a small batch craft or a slave to demand. but why not do something different? if breweries can do one off flavors and special seasonals, why cant soda?

Spruce started out of a south minneapolis coffee shop in late 2013. bryant was managing at the time and wanted something he could selfishly drink. with a love of making syrups and tinkering with beverages, its here where our flagship ginger beer soda took shape. After hearing, “this is the best ginger beer I have ever had,” many times, it was clear that we had something special.

There were many hurdles in the beginning. how do we bottle? how do you keep things from blowing up? how does shelf stability work? all questions i’m sure any startup beverage company runs into. it took the entire year of 2014 for us to nail down a core group of flavors - ginger beer, orange blossom tonic, and hopped cola.

in 2015 we were official. we were bottling, we had a kitchen space, and sweet refreshing soda with real ingredients was flowing.

to be honest, it was not easy sailing. we had tons of help, and wouldn’t be here now without any of it.